Personal Injury

Free Initial Consult for ICBC and Personal Injury Claims.

Contact Ives Burger Law if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, hurt or suffered a loss by the negligence of someone else or are injured as a result of unsafe premises.

If you have been injured in an accident you should speak to a lawyer BEFORE SPEAKING WITH ICBC or a PRIVATE INSURANCE ADJUSTER. If you have already communicated with an insurance adjuster about your claim it is not too late to contact IVES BURGER LAW and arrange for a free consultation about your claim.

We offer a no obligation, free consultation for all ICBC and personal injury claims including motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, boating accidents, wrongful death claims and slip and fall accidents.  During your free consultation, an experienced lawyer on our team will determine whether or not you have a claim for compensation as a result of your injuries. During the free consultation you will be also provided with advice and information on how to obtain the no fault benefits and compensation that are available to you whether or not you are at fault for the accident.

By hiring a personal injury lawyer at Ives Burger Law to represent you, you will have a unique advantage. At Ives Burger Law we have been working in the field of personal injury arising from accidents, including motor vehicle accidents, for over 25 years. We have also worked with ICBC to defend claims. We have recently chosen to end our contract with ICBC and can use our extensive experience and unique knowledge to assist you with your claim.

We are a small firm with a big advantage.  Our highly experienced legal team will get to know you and identify your immediate needs both physically and financially.

We understand that each person’s injuries affect their life in their own individual way. We will work with you and a variety of experts to identify the nature of your losses so that we can obtain the best quality treatment for your injuries and obtain maximum financial compensation to you

Ives Burger Law will pursue your personal injury and insurance claim under a contingency fee agreement.  That means, we get paid when you get paid.  If you do not get paid you do not pay any legal fees. If we are successful in recovering compensation for you, you pay us a percentage of the amount we recover at the conclusion of your claim. We are also willing to discuss conventional methods of payment.  These discussions take place during your free initial consultation.

The legal team at Ives Burger Law can obtain for you an appointment with medical experts who can provide invaluable assistance and recommendations in your treatment and recovery and can also result in a larger settlement. These appointments and the reports that experts provide can cost thousands of dollars each but we will carry the cost until your claim settles.

Accidents can cause injuries that can be physical including: soft tissue injury, orthopedic injury, and concussion/head injury, as well as psychological injuries, including: anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. The losses resulting from an accident can result in:

  • Pain and suffering;
  • Finding and paying for appropriate care and treatment;
  • Lost time from work and income loss;
  • Loss of ability to work in the future;
  • Loss of opportunity or advancement in your career;
  • Loss and interference with your family life, social life or recreational activities;
  • Loss resulting from the ability to maintain your home or yard;
  • Loss resulting from the ability to take care of yourself or your family;
  • Loss resulting from the wrongful death of a family member;
  • Loss resulting from the accelerated depreciation of a repaired vehicle.

Once retained to represent you, Ives Burger Law will take care of all of steps involved in advancing your claim.  Our skilled legal team communicates directly with the insurance company and handles all aspects of your personal injury claim so that you can focus on your recovery and treatment.  Settlement of your claim can come at any stage along the way depending on the circumstances.

A basic outline of the steps involved in a personal injury claim include:

Reporting the Claim. If you have not already contacted your insurance agency, we will do this for you.  It is important that the insurance company is contacted in a timely manner and provided with information to start your claim.

Commencing a Court Action.   A Notice of Civil Claim must be filed within specific time limits, which is usually within two years from the date of the accident.  If a minor (person under the age of 19 years of age) is involved in an accident, the limitation period is broader.

Document Production. All parties to a law suit must disclose relevant documents.  These include your relevant medical and employment records as well as accident photos and vehicle maintenance records.

Examinations for Discovery are conducted.  This is where each party is asked questions about the accident, injuries, and how you have been affected by the accident.  The answers given are under oath. Your answers on Examination for Discovery can be used at trial and are often used to help negotiate or mediate your claim.

Expert Reports are obtained. You can expect to attend appointments with specialists who can provide independent and objective evidence to the court.  Most commonly obtained are medical, economic, accounting, engineering, vocational, in-home assessments and functional capacity evaluations.  Independent Medical Examinations are most commonly obtained and provide objective independent medical evidence about your injuries.  The recommendations contained in the reports help guide your recovery. They also are used to prove your case in court and are helpful in pretrial negotiations and mediations.  These reports cost thousands of dollars each but we will carry the cost until your claim settles.

Pre-trial negotiations and/or Mediation.  A pre-trial negotiation to attempt to resolve your claim is through negotiations or mediation. Mediation is where we try to settle your claim with the help of an independent and impartial third party.  The settlement discussions are without prejudice.  Mediation allows ICBC to better understand your claim and for you to better understand any defenses to your claim.  Mediation is not used on every claim but it can be a very effective tool to reach settlement.

Trial.  A trial is held if the parties are unable to resolve the claim. If the matter proceeds to trial, you no longer have control of the outcome and the decision is in the hands of the Judge.  ICBC claims rarely go to trial but we always make sure that your claim is prepared to proceed to trial.